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dog walking service brighton and hove dog walking service brighton and hove dog walking service brighton and hove
dog walking brighton

Dog Walking 

Individual and group sog walking in the Brighton and Hove area.

And onto one  dog Training sessions 

One to one dog and puppy training and behaviour advice.

Dog walking and training prices

pet transport brighton


Transporting pet and owner to the vets etc in Brighton & Hove.

Pet transport prices
dog grooming brighton

Dog Grooming

Haircots, Clipping, Handstripping, Bath and tidies include bath, brush, feet, bum, eyes, nails, and ear cleaning, Dead coat removal, and anal glands and nail trimming.

Dog grooming prices
pet feeding brighton

Pet Drop in service

Pet feeding and litter tray, cage cleaning for when you are out or away for a few days for cats, rabbits, guinea, pigs, hamsters,etc

Pet Drop in prices

DOG WALKING, Grooming and, Training behavoiur SERVICES in Brighton & hove

dog walking service brighton and hove


Professional dog walking service in Brighton and Hove.

Dog walking service offering individual and group walks depending on your dogs needs,

Dog day care.

Dog walking service individual and group walks depending on your dogs needs,

Pet transport to transport pet and owner to vets etc for all pets.

Drop in pet feeding, Letting dog in the garden, litter cleaning service, for all pets. except reptiles.

Dog grooming Services include
Hair cuts, clipping, Handstripping, bath and tidies, Dead coat removal, Nail clipping and anal glands.

Dog training and behavour
Services include
One to one puppy and dog obeidence training.
Recall , sits, downs stays waits, Walk too heel on and off lead, Send to bed, general manners. 

Dog behaviour
Various methoods under my belt to get your dogs behaviour back on track wheather it be dog aggression, jumping up, chasing other animals etc.
Call or email me you problems and I can arrange a one to one session to give all advice and help to get your dog back on track.

dog walkers brighton and hove


Fully insured

Criminal Record checked

Narps UK registered

Animal care qualifications

Dog grooming qualifications

Dog Training

Dog Behaviour 

Ask to see any certificates and qualifications

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dog walking service brighton and hove


crb checkedinsuredpet sitters brightonpet sitting qualification

dog walking service in brighton and hove


My name is Kirsty I live in Brighton with my boyfriend and 3 dogs, a lurcher, patterdale x jack russel and Siberian husky. I run a professional dog walking service in the Brighton and Hove area. I have qualifications in animal care and dog grooming loads of experience in handling dogs from working in a grooming parlour for the last 4 years also do obedience and behaviour training with my own dogs.

I provide dog walking for all dogs all types and sizes, I am used to training dogs on walks so your dog will lean a few new things while on walks, Dogs need walking for many reasons to prevent hyperactivity, destructiveness, barking, whining for attention, digging, scratching, and it will also keep them socialised fit and healthy at a good weight dog will always be returned home to a bowl of fresh water in wet weather I will always dry and clean your dog off to stop muddy paws being spread around the house the total time out of the house co be anywhere up to 3 hours including collection and hours walk and drop off.

Grooming for all dogs bath and tidy's only it is important for a dog to be bath and brushed to keep there skin and coat in tip to condition and keep them smelling fresh and also important for nails to be trimmed to prevent them growing into their pads.

If you require a dog walker in the Brighton & Hove area, please contact me for more information. Tel: 0779 947 2631

For dog walking services, Dog Grooming, or Training and Behaviour services in the Brighton and Hove area call us on 0779 947 2631 or 01273 708 488


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